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We're a new kind of studio, created to change the way you think.

Design is a universal skill. So why aren't we teaching it?

We're working on a toolkit to foster visual communication skills and creative learning for middle schoolers. It's an open-ended, student-centric curriculum that prepares young creatives to independently research and solve problems through design.

Teach foundations, not disciplines

Instead of training students in design tools and programs that can become obsolete, Creative Kit's lesson plans contain engaging, unfettered projects that facilitate tangential learning of fundamental design principles. Students participate in exercises like mapping the spread of ideas like viruses, rapid prototyping with upcycled toys, and researching their own design problems.

The result is a 2-week program that gives students the lifelong mental arsenal for design innovation in whatever career path they follow.

Funding: 45%

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Keeping food honest.

Even though local, sustainably produced, pure, and nutritious produce can be found in most major cities, mimicry, greenwashing, and outdated legislation make it more difficult than ever to make informed consumer choices.

We developed a new food labeling system, designed to provide preattentive visual communication of product quality, based on an honest matrix of up-to-date characteristics.

Universal understanding

Modeled after other successful labeling systems like clothing care instructions, the food label rates every product based on a comprehensive checklist of quality factors. This data is grouped into the categories of Sustainability, Purity, Treatment, and Nutrition, and displayed visually in tandem with summary letter grade, eliminating guesswork and hidden factors.

Funding: Fully funded!

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Nobody wants to support corporate greed and corruption.

Some companies are actively improving the world, while others are capitalizing on the appearance of creating positive change.

We're creating an index that tracks the moral capital of businesses and non-profits; providing the transparency people need to make the right decisions.

Pocket ammunition

The mobile web app takes into consideration the everyday activist's user needs. Whether in the grocery store or at a fundraiser, the Good Index delivers the metrics for social justice.

Funding: 25%

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Form & Construct is an interdisciplinary design firm committed to using the toolkit and mindset of design to solve problems creatively.

Solutionism is the belief that together, humanity can solve anything. By harnessing the power of design, we're able to generate lasting, positive change and transformation.

We're all in this together.

Form & Construct's funding is crowd-sourced because we want to empower people to shape their own futures. In an age where anything can be bought, every dollar counts as a vote. We think we have some great ideas, but the final verdict lies in the hands of the people whose world we're trying to shape.

We're looking for like-minded enterprises to collaborate with.

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